Merkel-Zeller Genealogy

With the genealogy, the Werner Zell Foundation and the Paul Wolfgang Merkel Family Foundation pursue the goal of reporting on the connections and past of the families and preserving the information as well as promoting family cohesion.

With the help of genealogy, we can see who is related to us and also identify family relationships. We also collect further information about the people, such as biographies, but also pictures and other information, so that we can later show what people have achieved in their lives.

Only information on persons who have been dead for at least 20 years is publicly accessible. In this way we want to protect the data of the living as well as the descendants of the recently deceased.

My task as part of the Family Advisory Board of the Paul Wolfgang Merkel Family Foundation is to take care of the technical administration and management of software, data and access. I am also increasingly involved with genealogy myself and find it a very exciting subject.

More information can be found at as well as at the page of the Paul Wolfgang Merkel Family Foundation