Bachelor and Master Thesis

Theses, Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Engineering, 2023

Moreover, I advise together with my colleagues, we advise Bachelor and Master Thesis as well as Guided Research and Interdisciplinary Projects with supporting the students with our expertise. This includes weekly meetings with the respective student, proof-reading results, providing Feedback and guidance. Moreover, our concept include an introduction talk with Prof. Carle, an intermediate Talk, and a Final Talk for all Students.

Advised Theses are in the following range of topics:

  • Low-latency measurements on virtualized systems
  • Wireless communication
  • Routing in low-latency as well as Flying Adhoc Networks
  • Time-Sensitive Networking
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Security in Web applications
  • Containerized Systems
  • Back-pressure-based Routing
  • Hardware Features of 100G cards